A New You Through The Power Of Adult Orthodontics!

Adult Orthodontics Rosenberg TXWhile some might tell you otherwise, you’re never too old to straighten out your teeth. Even in a person’s later years, the procedures for adult orthodontics remain a surefire way to reposition your teeth. Doing so can also relieve them of any number of maladies, such as malocclusion (a bad bite).

Treating misaligned teeth can resolve any number of issues. Your smile is a hallmark of who you are. Knowing it shines out is vital to your self-confidence. Just as importantly, correctly aligned teeth are much easier to properly clean. Teeth that are simple to clean will allow you to fight harder against tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease. As the risks of both diseases increase with age, it is even more important for older Americans to receive the proper treatment. Lastly, chewing your favorite foods is much easier to do when your teeth are good and straight.Read more on A New You Through The Power Of Adult Orthodontics!…

Thanksgiving – The Natural Conclusion Of Gratitude

Thanksgiving gratitude Rosenberg TXHere at Garrett and Boyd Orthodontics, our team believes in the simple power of gratitude. What better time of the year to express our gratitude than Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving brings to mind different thoughts to different people.

To most, it brings visions of a family Thanksgiving feast with roast turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing with yummy gravy, cranberries, squash, and of course…pumpkin pie! To a student away at school, it may mean coming home to be with those they miss and possibly some much needed down time from the daily rigors of school and studying. Then again for others…are you ready for some football… a day off from work… or a long weekend?Read more on Thanksgiving – The Natural Conclusion Of Gratitude…

Flex Your Flexible Spending In 2017

Flex Account Spending Sugar Land TX2017 is quickly winding down and we will soon be welcoming the New Year. As a courtesy to all our patients, this is a reminder to review your Flexible Spending or Health Savings Account (FSA or FLEX) balances to make sure you don’t lose any of your benefits socked away this year. Fall is also the time of year when companies offering programs have open enrollment where employees can apply for their benefits in 2018.Read more on Flex Your Flexible Spending In 2017…

Holiday Season

Don’t forget our furry friends this Holiday Season!

Our local animal shelters find homes for cats and dogs every year.

Garrett and Boyd Orthodontics is collecting donations for the Sugar Land and Rosenberg animal shelters. The patients that bring in an item from the list below will be entered into a raffle to win a Family Movie Pack for the Theater of their choice.

Movie pack will include tickets, popcorn, drink, and candy for each family member.

We will be collecting donation items for the
Sugar Land and Rosenberg Animal Shelter
Nov. 3st – Dec. 10th

Winners of the movie packs will be announced December 11th.