Accelerated Treatment

Garrett Boyd Orthodontics is very excited to introduce the newest advancement in orthodontic treatment AcceleDent!

Acceledent-AuraThe AcceleDent™ System is designed to increase the rate of tooth movement and reduce treatment time when used with traditional braces as well as Invisalign.

Results from a Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial, conducted at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, demonstrated that tooth movement could be increased during the alignment phase by 106% and during the space closure phase by 38-50%.

The AcceleDent™ System is light, comfortable, hands-free and can be used 20 minutes per day while engaged in variety of daily activities. Patients have reported use while reading, watching television, listening to music and doing school work.

Patient Benefits

  • Accelerated tooth movement without compromised aesthetics
  • Compatible with braces for both adults and adolescents
  • Lightweight for comfort and use during daily activities
  • Hands-free design allows you to go about your daily activities during the 20 minute treatment.

How does AcceleDent work?

The appliance, used daily for 20 minutes, applies patented technology to gently vibrate the teeth and surrounding bone. In a controlled clinical trial, the vibrations have proven to accelerate tooth movement by 38%-50%.

Acceledent reduces orthodontic treatment time by up tp 50% in San Antonio TXWhy are microvibrations so important?

The rate of tooth movement greatly depends on the speed at which the bone surrounding the teeth changes. Studies have shown that orthodontic force coupled with micovibrations, generated by the AcceleDent System, safely accelerate tooth movement.

Is there some way that AcceleDent can “track” my usage?

Yes. Docking the Activator | Travel Shell on the Charging Port also allows the usage history and details to be registered. The amount of usage can then be observed on the Smart Display.

If I use AcceleDent for more than the recommended 20 minute treatment time, does it add incremental benefit?

No. Additional daily use greater than the prescribed 20 minutes duration is not recommended.

Is AcceleDent Safe?

AcceleDent has a good safety profile, as indicated by university studies in humans. AcceleDent is considered safe and under normal conditions of use with a conventional fixed orthodontic appliance.

If it accelerates tooth movement, will it cause more discomfort?

No. AcceleDent is well tolerated and does not increase the level of discomfort associated with orthodontic treatment.


Experience AcceleDent® with a no-risk, 60 day trial.

As an exclusive AcceleDent® NOW™ provider, Garrett & Boyd Orthodontics, offers our patients a 60 day trial of AcceleDent.  Our patients have the unique opportunity to experience the benefits of accelerated treatment with the leading technology available at home with no financial risk.

The AcceleDent NOW is available for patients currently in or about to start orthodontic treatment.

Call today to ask us if accelerated treatment with AcceleDent is right for you.

Patient Experiences with Acceledent

“I have been very impressed with my Acceledent devices, I was hesitant at first but I am so happy that I made the decision to purchase it. I love that every time I go in for a wire change everyone in the office is so impressed by how fast my teeth have moved. On Average I have been able to take 2 weeks off between each of my appointments which means my braces come off much sooner. One cool thing is that it feels like my teeth are getting a daily massage and it can often be comforting and very soothing. Dr. Garrett and Boyd thank you for providing me this option, my teeth are straight now and I am excited to conclude my treatment.”
– Brad Dennen

“I used Acceledent with my Invisalign. It was easy as I used it in the car traveling to work or activities. I never had any discomfort with my clear braces and finished my treatment in record time. I recommend Acceledent to anyone with braces.”
– Sara Papageorge

“I can’t believe how 20 minutes a day of mild vibration from this device helped move my teeth so fast. It is so easy to do and the outcome is unbelievable. So glad I purchased this. I will be without my Invisalign sooner then expected.”
– Janice Danklefs