Garrett & Boyd Orthodontics on the Cover of Living Magazine

The August 2018 edition of Living Magazine features a cover story about our practice! Garrett & Boyd Orthodontics are proud to be in the spotlight of this local publication.

Journalist Lacey Kupper Wulf pens our feature in this month’s Fort Bend edition of Living Magazine. Here are some of the elements of our practice highlighted by the piece:

  • Experience and Knowledge
  • Technological Savvy
  • Personal Touch
  • Improving the Experience
  • Giving Back

We are proud to have such a long track record of providing expert orthodontic care to patients in Sugar Land, Rosenberg, and the surrounding areas in South Texas. Going back to 1978, Garrett & Boyd Orthodontics have treated thousands of orthodontic cases for children, teens, and adults, and it feels great to gain a little more recognition and exposure!

All in the Family

One noticeable trend from the many years of leading-edge orthodontic treatment provided by our practice is that patients come back with their family members. Would you believe that Dr. Boyd has treated eight children from one family? Eight!

Meanwhile, Dr. Garrett treated the great-granddaughter of one of his very first orthodontic patients. That means Dr. Garrett has treated four generations of a single family. How awesome is that?

“When you get to affect a whole family like that,” says Dr. Garrett, “they become part of your family.”

Technological Advancements

To stay at the forefront of orthodontic treatment, it is essential to keep up with new technology. Orthodontics is no different than any other tech sector in the sense that the “latest and greatest” can change in the blink of an eye.

For example, an orthodontist used to take messy impressions of a patient’s teeth in order to develop a treatment plan. This process involved the patient biting into trays of sloppy goo. Yuck! Without getting into all the chemistry of these old impression methods, we can safely say it was not a pleasant experience for patients.

Fast forward to today, and Garrett & Boyd Orthodontics have a device called an iTero Element Scanner, which is the gold standard in the dental impression industry. The iTero scanner uses digital imaging to make 3D models of a patient’s teeth. No more goopy impression trays!

Want to read the entire article? Here is a link: Smile More with Garrett & Boyd Orthodontics

Garrett & Boyd Orthodontics offers state-of-the-art orthodontic care in a comfortable, supportive office setting. For unmatched expertise and an incredible orthodontic experience, call or visit our offices in Sugar Land and Rosenberg, TX.

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