Reduce Orthodontic Treatment Time and Discomfort with AcceleDent

Wpman Using AcceleDent Appliance at Garret & Boyd Orthodontics in Sugar Land and Rosenberg TXRecent studies show that AcceleDent significantly reduces the pain and discomfort associated with orthodontic treatment. AcceleDent is an orthodontic device that uses micro-vibrations to accelerate tooth movement by as much as 50 percent.

The FDA-cleared pulsating device was the subject of a featured article in Angle Orthodontist: “Pain Control in Orthodontics Using a Micropulse Vibration Device: A Randomized Clinical Trial.” The results of the trial were compelling: AcceleDent significantly lowered the pain scores of patients during treatment.

AcceleDent is available at Garrett & Boyd Orthodontics in Sugar Land and Rosenberg, Texas. Contact us or keep reading to learn more about AcceleDent!

The randomized trial included 58 orthodontic patients split into an AcceleDent group and a Control group. All of the patients were told not to take any pain medication during treatment.

Each patient in the AcceleDent group was given an AcceleDent device, which is a hands-free appliance used 20 minutes per day throughout treatment. The results indicated a clear difference between groups: the AcceleDent group reported lower overall pain and also had lower scores for biting pain.

The study was conducted over a four-month period during which every participant visited an orthodontist once a month for adjustments and wire changes. Patients recorded details about their pain daily for the first seven days after an adjustment appointment, and then weekly for the remainder of the month until their next appointment.

“We now have clinical proof to substantiate what patients have been telling us all along–that AcceleDent is the only technology that gives patients faster orthodontic treatment with less pain,” said Michael K. Lowe, president and CEO of OrthoAccel® Technologies, Inc., which manufactures AcceleDent. “This randomized controlled trial was well-designed and the results are conclusive in further supporting why AcceleDent is the accelerated treatment solution preferred by the world’s most respected orthodontists.”

The article and clinical study were published in Angle Orthodontist. To read the full article, click here. Angle Orthodontist is a peer-reviewed publication with good standing in the orthodontic industry.

Dr. Fred Garrett and Dr. Richard Boyd are proud to offer the latest orthodontic technology to patients in Sugar Land and Rosenberg, TX. For more information on AcceleDent, braces, Invisalign, or any other questions regarding orthodontic treatment, contact one of our offices!


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