Braces in Sugar Land and Rosenberg

If you’ve always wanted a better smile or you have a teen with an over-or underbite who needs orthodontic treatment, Garrett and Boyd offer many braces to assist with various orthodontic issues. Braces can help a child gain confidence in their smile. Many new types of braces even allow for discreet treatment with nearly invisible devices that others won’t notice.

What Are the Benefits of Braces Treatment?

Braces can address orthodontic problems while improving the appearance of your teeth and boosting your confidence. While braces can treat aesthetic issues, like crooked teeth, they can also eliminate more serious problems, such as preventing jawbone erosion, to improve your quality of life. Other benefits of braces treatment include:

  • Improving oral health by addressing crowding that can make brushing your teeth difficult.
  • Correcting under- and overbites cause teens to feel self-conscious.
  • Preventing cavities by making back teeth more accessible.
  • Aiding digestion by straightening teeth and making it easier to chew food into small bites.

Types of Braces We Offer

Garrett and Boyd offer three primary types of braces. The best choice for you depends on the orthodontic problems you need to address and your aesthetic preferences.

We offer the following options for straightening teeth:

  • Invisalign: Invisalign are clear, removable liners you can take out while eating. No one can spot the trays in your mouth, and you can eat whatever you want because you remove the aligners during meals and put them back in when you finish eating. Teens and adults appreciate the discretion of this method. We offer three kinds of Invisalign. Invisalign First is for younger children, Invisalign Teen is for older kids, and Adult Invisalign is for adults seeking orthodontic care.
  • Clear Ceramic Braces: Like Invisalign, ceramic braces are clear and blend into the teeth, making them another option for people who prefer less visibility. Teens and adults often seek this method to keep their treatment private. Ceramic braces have larger brackets and demand more attention during oral hygiene to ensure the brackets remain clean. You may experience some discoloration of elastic ties depending on what you eat and drink and whether you smoke.
  • Traditional Metal Braces: Traditional metal braces have been around for decades. They work best on the toughest orthodontal problems. The brackets are produced from a metal alloy, and they have advanced to become quite comfortable. Many children enjoy choosing colored rubber bands to give their braces personality.

Why Choose Garrett and Boyd As Your Braces Provider?

As a trusted braces provider for many people throughout Sugar Land and Rosenberg, Garrett and Boyd provides the premier care you deserve. We offer high-quality results and focus on giving you the best patient experience. We’re proud to be an official Invisalign partner.

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