Dr. Jim Pickens is a retired Dentist who referred many patients to our office over the years, and now he is a patient himself! Hear what he has to say about Garrett & Boyd Orthodontics.


Tabitha came to our office after 6 years of treatment with another Orthodontist. The team at Garrett & Boyd Orthodontics got to know Tabitha and designed a treatment plan that would meet her goals and give her the smile she dreamed of!


Want to know more about the Garrett & Boyd experience? We asked Jacob, David, Jennifer, Aja, and Stanton, “what would you tell others about our office?” View their responses below.


Anne P.

Dear Dr. Boyd and Staff, Thank you very much for the opportunity to have my son Andrew begin Invisalign treatment with you. We have looked forward to this for a long time. Working in the dental community, I have always been aware of your excellent reputation and I have referred many patients thru my employer, Dr. Caldwell; but was so impressed with your office and staff when I got to experience it myself! Your office is truly amazing! Thank you again for all you do and again we appreciate your taking care of Andrew.

Vicki F.

I’m writing belatedly to thank you for all you have done for one of my students. He’s so proud of his new braces and I ‘m sure he’ll have a beautiful smile some day soon! Chris Lukin referred me to you for help for Matthew just as Dr. Lukin referred both of my own children to Dr. Garrett more than 25 years ago! Again, many thanks for your kind and wonderful help for Matthew.

Tara N.

Dear Everyone at Dr. Boyd’s Office, Thank you so much for taking care of me during my braces treatment. You all were so supportive and I love my straight teeth.

Glenda N.

I just wanted each of you to know how much I appreciate your kindness, support and professionalism. You all are the very BEST.  I know what a difficult case I was and I could more be more pleased with the outcome from your very HARD work!!  Marion- a special thanks for your guidance. Dr. Garrett you are an amazing person with a wonderful staff. Again, thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Sofia M.

Dear Dr. Garrett, I would like to sincerely thank you all for all of your support, guidance, and patience throughout my Orthodontic treatment. You all are so wonderful, and I truly appreciate your constant support and reassurance. Thank you for coping with me throughout the years! I hope to see you all soon. Many, many thanks!

Bonnie S.

Dear Dr. Rick and Dr. Fred, A great motivating seminar, wonderful food and super camaraderie – truly winning combination for a day away from the office. Thank you both for including me and my staff member, Barbara. We are grateful for and appreciative of your generosity. My special thanks to you Rick for all the Invisalign help that you’ve given me. P.S. Let your staff know how welcome and comfortable they made us feel, as well!

Cher W.

Hey All you Wonderful Angels at Dr. Garrett’s Office, Just wanted to drop a short note to say thank you for 20 months of wonderful “custom” service by all of you. I can’t say this enough, and I really appreciate all you all did for me. I really enjoyed the Christmas card and since I am so late at sending mine out, I decided to send you a picture of my family. Thanks to you all for everything the past 2 years!

Marty M.

Dear Dr. Boyd and Associates, I just wanted to take a moment of your time to say thank you for all the great care you’ve provided me over the last year or so. Dr. Boyd, your “chair-side manner” has been the most pleasant and professional I’ve seen in my 31 years of office visits. You always have a way of making an oftentimes uncomfortable procedure that much more comfortable and understandable by your positive demeanor and comforting dialogue. Your staff is much the same in that they are always smiling and enjoying their job and one another’s company. From your front desk staff to your chair side assistants, I’ve never had an experience with one of your employees that I couldn’t rate as topnotch. I’ve often said it’s only through true enjoyment of the job do you get the most out of you employees. It doesn’t matter what you pay them sometimes but more the environment you provide that will get the best out of those who work for you. You and your associates have done an amazing job in providing a rewarding, positive and enjoyable environment for clients and employees alike and I just wanted to let you know I appreciate it. I hope you all can enjoy the following certificates to be rewarded for all of your hard work. I’m not sure Dr. Boyd will let you have the wine with the pork chop lunch so you may just have to plan two separate outings or a “date night” with that special someone. Either way, it’s just a small token of thanks for all that you all have done for me. I’ll look forward to seeing you all again in 2010 and wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you again and until 2010, all my best to you and yours! Sincerely, Marty Miller General Manager/Sommelier Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille