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We are excited for Football Season at Garrett & Boyd Orthodontics! Take a selfie with staff member! It can be in our office, in the lobby, at a sporting event and even around town. We even have some signs you can use! Post it! Tag us! Like our Facebook page! MAKE SURE TO MAKE YOUR POST PUBLIC! Don’t forget the hashtag #garrettandboydsmiles Share it! The selfie with the most likes WINS!

5 Tips for Going Back to School with Braces

Bummed out that summer is almost over? Portrait of a young schoolgirl doing her homework in classAt Garrett & Boyd Orthodontics in Sugar Land and Rosenberg Texas, we feel this is a great time of year to revisit the basics of caring for your teeth during orthodontic treatment. Starting a healthy routine at the beginning of the school year will go a long way towards achieving a beautiful, healthy smile. When done right, good oral care maintenance could lead you all the way to next summer and beyond.

Here are five helpful reminders to kick off the fall session with clean teeth and a happy mouth:

  1.       Follow the 2×2 Rule
  2.       Avoid Crunchy and Sticky Foods
  3.       Drink Lots of Water
  4.       Plan Your Meals and Snacks
  5.       Bring a Braces Care Kit

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Are You Cleaning Your Braces with the Right Toothbrush?

You’re just starting orthodontic treatment and it’s time to brush your teeth. Dentist and orthodontist concept. Young woman smiling cleaning and brushing teeth with braces using toothbrushDo you brush with a manual or electric toothbrush? The truth is that either type of toothbrush does an effective job of cleaning the teeth. For those of you not convinced, we’ve listed some features and benefits of each so you can decide for yourself.

Benefits of Using a Manual Toothbrush

  • It’s simple, affordable and easy to find.
  • Changing your brush every 3 months doesn’t hurt your pockets.
  • Depending on the type of brush and your brushing method, manual toothbrushes could be softer on the tooth enamel and gums.

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Garrett & Boyd Orthodontics on the Cover of Living Magazine

The August 2018 edition of Living Magazine features a cover story about our practice! Garrett & Boyd Orthodontics are proud to be in the spotlight of this local publication.

Journalist Lacey Kupper Wulf pens our feature in this month’s Fort Bend edition of Living Magazine. Here are some of the elements of our practice highlighted by the piece:

  • Experience and Knowledge
  • Technological Savvy
  • Personal Touch
  • Improving the Experience
  • Giving Back

We are proud to have such a long track record of providing expert orthodontic care to patients in Sugar Land, Rosenberg, and the surrounding areas in South Texas. Going back to 1978, Garrett & Boyd Orthodontics have treated thousands of orthodontic cases for children, teens, and adults, and it feels great to gain a little more recognition and exposure!

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Thinking About Mail-In Orthodontics? Read This First

Wouldn’t you love to simply take a selfie, and/or impression of your teeth Young man wearing clear braces.or get your teeth scanned, and receive aligners that straighten your teeth in a few months without even leaving your home? Sounds too good to be true, huh?

This is exactly the type of convenience offered and advertised with direct-to-consumer orthodontics. Companies like SmileDirectClub, Smilelove, SnapCorrect, etc. are appealing because they address the concern most people have about orthodontics: time. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) advises you to take a step back and look at the overall picture before considering the latest alternative to straighten your teeth. Read More

Is Your Vegan Diet Good for Your Teeth While Wearing Braces?

Vegan diet Peoria AZWhile we’ve all heard that milk is great for building strong bones and teeth, not everyone drinks milk. Although more Americans are becoming proactive about taking care of their overall health, many of us have dietary preferences that exclude dairy products.

Both calcium and vitamin D are essential to your oral health, but are you getting enough calcium? At Garrett Boyd Orthodontics, we understand that some of us simply cannot consume foods rich in calcium, like milk, due to lactose intolerance and dairy allergies…even when wearing braces. We also understand that others choose vegan or vegetarian lifestyles that eliminate certain food groups, increasing the risk for calcium and vitamin D deficiency.Read More