Metal braces

Traditional metal braces in Sugar Land and Rosenberg

When you think of braces, you probably think of traditional metal braces. Though many advancements in orthodontic care have been made, metal braces remain the most popular type and still set the standard for care. Metal braces are the best choice for younger kids and those with more challenging orthodontic issues.


How metal braces work

We glue metal brackets to each tooth and run an archwire between them to connect all the brackets. We tighten the archwire during monthly orthodontic visits to move teeth into new places gradually. The pressure can also change the shape of the jaw. Treatment length varies depending on the severity of the orthodontic issues. During the first few days after an adjustment, patients may experience discomfort, which fades with time.

Who’s a good candidate for traditional braces?

Younger children are the best candidates for traditional braces as this type requires minimal responsibility. You can’t take off traditional braces, so there’s no chance of losing them while you eat. Those with more challenging orthodontic issues are also good candidates for traditional braces since this treatment is trusted and effective.

Advantages of traditional metal braces

If you have protruding teeth, misalignment, overcrowding or crossbite, metal braces are the most effective treatment.

Caring for metal braces

Oral hygiene is essential with braces as you must clean them well to prevent cavities. Proper brushing and flossing habits help keep your teeth healthy underneath braces.

Daily brushing and flossing helps keep your braces free of plaque and bacteria and guard against cavities that can develop without good care. Avoid mouthwash and toothpaste with abrasive ingredients that can damage metal. Floss picks can help you get pieces of food out of hard-to-reach places in the braces.

Avoid sticky foods, hard foods and popcorn while wearing metal braces to avoid damaging your brackets.

How much do metal braces cost?

The cost of metal braces varies depending on what type of treatment you require and how long you will need to wear the braces. You can consult with us about insurance and payment options.

Why choose Garrett & Boyd Orthodontics?

Garrett & Boyd has convenient offices in Sugar Land and Rosenberg. We offer premier care and are focused on providing the best patient experience. You can trust the high quality of treatment from our experienced orthodontists.

We offer free consultations to discuss your options for orthodontic treatment. In addition to metal braces, we have other braces that may fit your needs or your children’s needs. Talk to our orthodontists about the type of treatment you need and how metal braces can help. Request your consultation today to get started!