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If your child’s teeth have gaps or other issues that need addressing, Invisalign® offers a new solution for this age group. With Invisalign First®, your child will have special aligners made just for them to help correct problems before their permanent teeth come in.


How Invisalign for kids works

Invisalign braces work by applying pressure to problem areas to move and rotate teeth. Your child’s custom-made plastic aligners will gradually shift their teeth into the correct positions, addressing common orthodontic issues like crossbites, crowding and spacing. Children can remove their Invisalign First aligners for mealtime and brushing and flossing.

Garrett & Boyd Orthodontics provides kids with a personalized Invisalign First treatment. Every few weeks, your child will receive a new aligner as their teeth move into the desired spot. We use an iTero™ digital system to ensure accurate measurements, maximum comfort and outstanding results.

Is Invisalign First right for your child?

Invisalign First treatment is one of numerous early treatment options for younger kids. Is it a good fit for your child? The best candidates for this plan:

  • Are 6-10 years old: Children should get an evaluation by age 7. This check-up will reveal any issues and start your child on the right track for their oral health journey.
  • Need to correct oral habits: Although thumb sucking and pacifier use come naturally to infants, practicing these habits excessively might affect their teeth. Invisalign First treatment is an excellent way to correct these behaviors and encourage healthier ones, such as flossing.
  • Are mature and responsible: Will your child be able to keep up with their aligners and comply with directions? Be sure to explain the treatment’s importance and remind your youngster to take the aligners out and put them back in on time.

Why choose Garrett & Boyd Orthodontics?

You want the best for your children, and that’s what you’ll receive at Garrett & Boyd Orthodontics. Families in Rosenberg and Sugar Land choose us for our friendly, knowledgeable services and premier care. We’re a Diamond-level Invisalign provider, meaning our expertise and dependability are second to none. Dr. Boyd is an Elite Invisalign Provider who’s helped hundreds of patients achieve a more beautiful smile.

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