Fixed retainers

Fixed retainers in Sugar Land and Rosenberg, TX

Fixed retainers are permanent solutions that hold your teeth in place after you receive orthodontic treatment. A retainer is necessary to keep your teeth in their desired positions. While many people use removable retainers designed for wearing overnight, your orthodontist may recommend a fixed retainer for stability and lasting results. Professionals also call these devices bonded lingual retainers (BLRs) and bonded wire retainers.

What are the benefits of fixed lingual retainers?

Bonded retainers have several advantages, including:

  • Get it and forget it: Losing or forgetting to wear your retainer can impact your oral health. Fixed retainers enable you to look out for your teeth and jaw without actively thinking about it.
  • Enjoy activities without interference: A bonded retainer lets you do the things you love without removing it first. As a result, you can leave it in to eat, brush your teeth, floss and do activities like playing sports or wind instruments.
  • Protect your smile long term: Permanent retainers are invisible, smooth and bonded behind the teeth. These qualities mean many wearers forget about the bonded retainer entirely after wearing it for a while. What’s more, a bonded retainer can last for decades, helping you maintain your straight smile for years to come.

How much do lingual retainers cost?

Your fixed retainer’s cost depends on several factors, including whether you need retainers for one arch or both, how much your orthodontist charges to place the wire, and whether your insurance covers your retainer. Other expenses, such as tightening, repair fees and paying for replacement wires after damage, can add to your retainer’s overall cost. Generally, a bonded retainer for a single arch will cost $150 to $700.

Caring for lingual retainers

Taking proper care of your device will ensure you get the most use out of your permanent retainer.

If you have a permanent retainer, it’s critical to take extra effort to clean your appliance and mouth, as not doing so could cause issues like plaque buildup and gum disease. Consider using an oral irrigator in addition to your normal brushing and flossing to clean hard-to-reach spots. Also, you can protect your bonded retainer by eating fewer hard and sticky foods, which may loosen or break the wire.

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